avocados were my favorite as a kid, so planting trees seemed like a great idea.
— George Bliss, Jr.

our roots

The Bliss Family has been growing the best quality Hass avocados in California since 1921. Our avocados and avocado oil are certified organic and sold at local farmer's markets and supplied direct to local restaurants.

It all started after World War I, George Bliss, Sr., having been an agricultural inspector during the war, decided he would find the ‘dream farm’ for him and his family. Word had it that there were acres of beautiful land with rich soil for sale in California, and so the following year the Bliss family headed west. George Sr. spent a year testing soils and climates throughout California before he finally found his farm just outside Santa Barbara. The property passed all of his stringent growing requirements – it had deep, nutrient-rich soil, coastal breezes and the weather was extremely temperate, almost always sunny and frost-free.  

Meanwhile, George's eldest son, George, Jr. had just graduated college, where he studied agriculture. Farming was in George Jr.'s blood and he was determined to find the right crop for their land. Growing up, avocados had been one of the family's favorite fruits, so George Jr. decided to do some testing and planted a small grove of trees. George and his father saw how the trees took to their soil and kept on planting more. When the first harvest was picked, they knew that he had made the right decision. The fruit had a gold-green hue with a smooth texture inside, and a rich yet subtle flavor. These were better than any avocados they had ever tasted. George, Jr. was sure people would love them, and he was right.  We have shared and enjoyed these exceptional avocados for over 90 years – now we're excited and proud to share our cold-pressed organic avocado oil with you!